A likable factory worker gets lead down a fantastical, murderous path in the first trailer for The Voices. Ryan Reynolds leads an all-star cast including Anna Kendrick, Gemma Arterton, and Jacki Weaver in this indie thriller from director Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis), which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last year. As you can see in this first footage, Ryan Reynolds takes on a bizarre role unlike any in his career thus far.

Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) is a seemingly normal man trying to succeed in his new job at the Milton Bathtub Factory. He lives in a normal apartment-the type you would expect from a young bachelor-with his dog, Bosco, and his cat, Mr. Whiskers. Yet something seems off. As the new guy at work, Jerry is asked to help plan the company picnic, and he meets Fiona, an attractive English girl from accounting. Jerry immediately takes a liking to Fiona and excitedly goes home to tell his pets about her. And surprisingly, they answer. But all this is just the beginning of an insanely bizarre and twisted tale.

While you may not be able to tell from the trailer, Ryan Reynolds also lends his voice to both Bosco and Mr. Whiskers. Take a look at the first footage from this upcoming indie, co-starring Gulliver McGrath, Adi Shankar and Stephanie Vogt, arriving in theaters and VOD formats February 6.