Voight: Jon Voight, an Oscar nominee for his portrayal of Howard Cosell in Ali, will join Sigourney Weaver in the indie film Holes. Voight will play Mr. Sir, the head guard at a juvenile prison center and right hand to the sadistic warden (is there any other kind?) played by Weaver. The film is being directed by Andrew Davis who most recently added Collateral Damage to Arnold's list of flops.

Le Divorce: Joining Kate Hudson in the romantic comedy will be Naomi Watts, Glenn Close, Stockard Channing and Matthew Modine.

Kill Bill:Dark Horizons reports that Daryl Hannah and Lucy Liu have joined the Tarantino project.

More reports are coming in from the set of Red Dragon. As soon as we get some confirmation, I'll be throwing 'em up on the site... So, if more dirt from the volatile set of the Brett Ratner film is what you're looking for, keep LOE on your list to check out each day!

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