Director Cody Faulk has released the second trailer for his Friday the 13th fan film Voorhees, and the video also reveals the movie's release date. The movie will appropriately release on September 13th of this year, which is, of course, Friday the 13th. Funded through a successful crowdfunding campaign and featuring a feature length storyline with all-practical FX, the movie should be an entertaining watch for big fans of the popular horror franchise. Better yet, Voorhees will be free to watch on YouTube when it is released.

This fan film gives Jason another group of victims to slice through, far different from the teenage camp counselors we might expect. Now, he sets his sights on a gang of robbers hiding out in the woods of Crystal Lake, hoping to avoid getting caught by pursuing police officers. It's there where Jason begins to pick them off one by one, with their hostages potential victims of the murderer as well. The lines are blurred as many of Jason's victims will not be "innocent," but nowhere near as evil as the killer from Crystal Lake.

The rights to the Friday the 13th movies are currently under appeal in the legal system, meaning there's no way to know how soon we'll see Jason back on the big screen. Until the legal matters are completely resolved, no studio will be able to produce the thirteenth installment of the long running movie series. Given the success of the official video game and the interest surrounding many Friday the 13th fan films}, it's clear that horror fans really want to see another movie made as soon as possible. At this point, it's safe to say that Jason Voorhees is going to be a huge moneymaker by the time he makes it back to theaters, but the downside is it's impossible to say when exactly that will be.

Voorhees is not the only upcoming movie related to Friday the 13th that has fans excited. The fan film Friday the 13th: Vengeance is well into production as well, bringing back past Jason actors Steve Dash (Friday the 13th Part 2) and C. J. Graham (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) in featured roles, with Graham playing Jason's father Elias. Also in the works is the Friday the 13th reunion slasher movie 13 Fanboy from director Deborah Voorhees, which will unite many fan favorite stars from the series. Some of the confirmed names set to appear in that movie are Corey Feldman, Kane Hodder, Adrienne King, Jennifer Banko, Thom Mathews, Judie Aronson, and many more. Scream queen Dee Wallace will be leading the cast.

Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the original Friday the 13th. The legacy the horror franchise has achieved is nothing short of incredible, and the series is just as popular with horror fans as it always was. These kinds of passionate fan films prove just how badly fans are dying to see more Jason movies, and Voorhees looks to be worthy of the Friday the 13th name. You can take a look at the second trailer for the movie below from Wet Paint Pictures, and watch it for free on YouTube when it releases on September 13, 2019.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick