Is Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. Vulture, in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? We'll have to wait to until May 2 to know for sure, but this villain's presence was first teased in the trailer that was released in December, which featured the harnesses for Vulture and Doctor Octopus in a brief shot. Today, The Daily Bugle viral website has posted a new story about OsCorp losing their U.S. military contract, which mentions Toomes by name. Check out the full story from Bugle reporter Ken Ellis, then read on to check out a new photo featuring Andrew Garfield.

<strong><em>The Amazing Spider-Man 2</em></strong> Daily Bugle viral

April 4, 2014

By Ken Ellis

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In an unexpected setback, Oscorp Industries failed to secure a contract for the development of a flying suit with the United States military. Sources say the international conglomerate had been so confident of landing the contract they had already hired a congratulatory skywriting message over New York City that read: "Oscorp soars to success!"

Government sources hinted that the contract intended for military aerial reconnaissance and infiltration landed with a Los Angeles-based conglomerate with offices in Manhattan. Oscorp spokesman, Donald Menken, had no comment.

The losing bid repudiates two decades worth of research in electromagnetic anti-gravity conducted by Oscorp robotics division engineer, Dr. Adrian Toomes. When asked what this development meant for Toomes, Menken simply rolled his eyes and replied "Really? Why are you even asking me? No comment."

While this villain may not be appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it's certainly possible that the sequel is setting up his inevitable appearance in Sony's The Sinister Six spin-off or even The Amazing Spider-Man 3. In the Marvel comics, Toomes did not work for OsCorp, but this story sets up his employment at the conglomerate, which also helps explain why his wings were seen in the trailer.

In addition, The Amazing Spider-Man 2's official Twitter account released this new photo earlier today, featuring Spider-Man and a young fan in costume.

<strong><em>The Amazing Spider-Man 2</em></strong> Photo