Longtime screenwriter W. Peter Iliff will make his directorial debut with Loaded. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be produced by Tucker Tooley for the Yari Film Group.

Written by Iliff, the film revolves around an FBI agent who is forced to smoke crack in the line of duty, and becomes a drug addict because of it. He is later paired with a female agent who has a secret life as a sex addict. When they are assigned to find a missing baby, they must help each other with their problems to solve the case.

Iliff stated, "The film takes a straight procedural FBI story and does it in a Tarantino style. We meet the characters at the bottom of their addiction and see them rise out of it. It's a hero's journey. Bob Yari and Tucker Tooley are giving me this opportunity to transition to being a filmmaker, which has always been my passion."

The film does not yet have a set start date.