The Jacket: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mark Wahlberg (Planet of the Apes) and British director John Maybury (Love Is The Devil) are attached to star in and helm Mandalay Pictures/Section Eight's feature The Jacket. Producers are hoping for a fall start.

The Jacket is about a man (Wahlberg) wrongly imprisoned for murder in the 1970's, who can become clairvoyant while being tortured. Using hi seeing ability, he tries to discover who has framed him by shifting in and out of different realities, time, and frames of mind. He can tell when and how he will be executed, so the race is on to prolong his life to give him more time to solve the mystery. Get it?

Steven Soderbergh, George Clooney (of course, he costarred with Wahlberg in Three Kings and The Perfect Storm and produced Rock Star) and Peter Guber are producing. The trio will approach Warner Bros. Pictures first about coming on board.

The project was originally set up at Paramount (without Section Eight), with Colin Farrell starring and Antoine Fuqua directing. However, Farrrell's schedule will be tied up for a good long time due to his work on Oliver Stone's Alexander the Great and Fuqua will be busy shooting King Arthur for producer Jerry Bruckheimer.