Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announced today that it will release its initial BD-Live titles on April 8th, to coincide with the recent Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 software update for Playstation 3.

The Blu-ray Disc versions of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and 6th Day, both available on April 8, bring network connected features to Sony Pictures BD titles for the first time. Both movies include exclusive downloadable theatrical and home video previews, along with a FAQ about BD-Live functionality.

In addition to the wide range of content available on the Blu-ray Disc, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story includes three mini featurettes that star Bill Hader as Derek Stone, a historian and expert "Coxologist." These featurettes are only available via the BD-Live download.

"Sony Pictures is truly excited about our initial foray into BD-Live interactivity," said Lexine Wong, Senior Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. "These releases offer entertainment enthusiasts just a glimpse of some of the remarkable new features that will soon be available on high definition Blu-ray Disc."

BD-Live allows consumers to experience a variety of network connected options. In addition to exclusive content, BD-Live titles can enable an exciting slate of next generation possibilities, such as ringtones, wallpaper downloads, peer to peer interactions, live events and gaming activities.

BD-Live titles are compatible with the latest Profile 2.0 BD players. These models also support Blu-ray's "Bonus View" picture-in-picture feature that was available on previous Profile 1.1 BD players.