The Good

I am a sucker for weekly shows about a guy going up against bullies.

The Bad

No extras. Chuck Norris owes his fans!Walker, Texas Ranger: The Complete Fourth Season continues the adventures of Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris), a Texas Ranger who chooses to use his feet and hands to fight the creeps of the world (though he isn't above using a gun). Aided by fellow Ranger James Trivette (Clarence Gilyard, Jr.), Assistant DA Alex Cahill (Sheree J. Wilson), and C.D. Parker (Noble Willingham), Cordell has got all the tools he needs to protect the citizens of Texas. Some of the episodes that caught my eye were "Son's of Thunder Parts 1 & 2," which has Walker and his team going up against a cop killer. "Devils's Turf" finds Walker going into the classroom as a substitute teacher trying to find a scumbag who is dealing drugs to kids. Lastly, "Lucky" sees Walker looking for a homeless man who saw a priest get murdered.

It isn't like this show really reinvented the wheel but having had a 9 Season run, somebody had to like it didn't they?


No extras came with this DVD release.


Full Screen Format. The picture on these DVDs looked good although at times they seemed to be a bit a dark and grainy. I think the people who compressed this release did a solid job of handling all of the colors and action, because at no point did it look like things ever got pixilated. All in all, a solid transfer job from the folks at Paramount.


English Stereo Surround/Latin Spanish Stereo. Subtitles: English/Latin Spanish. The audio on this release was solid but not spectacular. I didn't have to turn things up too loudly and I was able to hear things fine. I don't think Paramount has done anything that amazing here, but these episodes aren't so old that they would need to do a whole remastering job.


Norris is shown on the front cover of this slipcase release with a gun in his jeans, a tough look on his face, and the city of Texas behind him. The back cover features a collage of action shots, a description of what this season contains and technical specs. All 7 discs are stored in 4 slim cases which give us more artwork from the show, episode listings, descriptions and airdates.

Final Word

Why hasn't Chuck Norris done more since this show?

I only ask this question because one would think that having such a successful run with Walker would no doubt see him fielding offers for other projects. As it is, it seems like he has done other TV stuff but nothing to the level of what he did with this show. That said, his appeal in certain regards might be limited because of this. Lets face some facts, Chuck Norris is a type. He is that old school, American badass, who doesn't go looking for trouble but when he finds it... watch out world!

As I said, Walker, Texas Ranger: The Complete Fourth Season doesn't break any new ground but this isn't to say that it's not highly entertaining.

Walker, Texas Ranger was released .