The Good

Once again, Cordell, James and the crew dole out their own brand of Texas styled justice.

The Bad

No Extra Features. Chuck Norris deserves them!

Walker Texas Ranger: The Complete Third Season features Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris), James Trivette (Clarence Gilyard, Jr.), Alex Cahill (Sheree J. Wilson) and C.D. Parker (Noble Willingham) as good people going up against some bad apples and always managing to make it entertaining. Sometimes they work undercover, other times they just happen upon crimes being committed, and then there is always thieves, terrorists, kidnappers and other slime-balls that need to be taken care of.

We open with "Blown Apart" which sees a bomber escape from prison and set his sites on getting some payback against those who incarcerated him. As you can guess, Walker and his team go out of their way to make sure this doesn't happen. "Flashpoint" shows just how timely this show from 1996 could be as Walker finds himself going up against a band of IRA terrorists. "Deadline" sees the possibility of the Rangers being broken up to save government money. However, the man who wants to do this sees himself in trouble when his daughter is kidnapped. Lastly, "Miracle At Middle Creek" finds Walker buried underground while trying to save a young boy who fell down a drainpipe.


No Extras came with this release.


Full Screen Format. If I am recalling my earlier viewing experience correctly, I think that the episodes on Walker Texas Ranger: The Complete Third Season look a little better than the previous ones I viewed on DVD. This show is very colorful in the way that the shows in the 1990s almost burst off the screen. There's a lot of shirts buttoned up to the actor's throats and pants that are both tight and rolled up, even in the midst of quite humid conditions.


English Stereo Sound. Latin Spanish Stereo. Brazilian Portuguese Mono. Subtitles: English/Latin Spanish/Brazilian Portuguese. The audio for this show seemed a little low when it started. Once I turned things up a bit, everything held rather well over the 7 discs. I didn't hear any audio pops and there weren't any places where the sound dropped out. What I like about the way the audio is constructed is that it seems to be utilized with a very steady hand. There's just enough of it to bolster what's on screen, but not enough to intrude on the story.


Chuck Norris is shown against a Texas sunset on this slipcase cover with the city behind him and the waves crashing on the ground. His glare tells you all you need to know. The back has three shots from this show all of which (especially the action one) seem like promo pictures. There is a tightly written description about Walker Texas Ranger: The Complete Third Season and some technical specs. All 7 discs are packed into 4 slim cases and this set still feels big. The covers of all the slim cases are the same as the cardboard slipcase that stores them, however there are pictures and episode descriptions on the back of the slim cases.

Final Word

This being the Second Season of Walker Texas Ranger that I reviewed, I found myself quite comfortable putting on my virtual cowboy boots and shades on all over again. I have no idea how the writers on this show managed to pull it off week after week. This set contains 7 discs carrying 26 episodes. Each one is the better part of an hour. Even without any extras this is still a tremendous amount of content. Also, the stories feel authentic. I never felt like I was watching a show taking place on a set or that I was simply watching actors act. Everything about Walker Texas Ranger: The Complete Third Season felt pretty darn authentic. There were the serious shows, the light hearted shows and then the ones that manage to mix both tones.

Depending on your tastes you can probably take or leave this show but for me, I savored my viewing experience of Walker Texas Ranger: The Complete Third Season.

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