Earlier this month, The Walking Dead returned from its midseason hiatus to kick off the back half of Season 6 with the final eight episodes. The show is always featuring innovative ways for these beloved survivors to kill off zombies, but during last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, series star Norman Reedus showcased a "clip" that revealed a new mode of transportation for the undead: hoverboards. Of course, it's not an actual scene from the show, but that doesn't make it any less hilarious.

The sketch features Norman Reedus as Daryl, who is scouring through a parking garage on one of his supply runs. While rummaging through a van, he notices a number of empty boxes for new "hoverboards," the two-wheeled personal transportation devices that have become quite popular recently. We don't actually get to see Daryl try out a hoverboard, since all of the boxes are empty, but we soon learn that the undead have taken these devices, as they "roll" towards Daryl, set perfectly to Chamillionaire's hit song "Riding Dirty."

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This video also illustrates the limitations of these "hoverboards" at the end of this sketch, when Daryl successfully outruns them, simply by going up a small set of stairs. Of course, the zombies on the The Walking Dead certainly aren't fast, and they're easy to take out in manageable numbers, but it's clear from this sketch that the modern-day "hoverboard" would give the walkers no speed advantage. Plus, it's hard to imagine them keeping their balance on these devices for very long.

The sketch is also a reunion, of sorts, with Daryl brandishing his beloved crossbow once again. Earlier this season, in the sixth episode Always Accountable, Daryl was tricked by Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Tina (Christine Evangelista), who held him up at gunpoint and stole his motorcycle and crossbow. In the comics, Dwight and Tina are both former members of The Saviors, a group lead by Negan, who will be introduced in the season finale later this year, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

It's certainly possible that Daryl will reunite with Dwight and Tina, especially after Daryl's ominous farewell message. After Dwight says he's sorry, Daryl tells him, "You will be" before they rode off with his motorcycle and crossbow. While we'll have to wait and see if Daryl will ever get his signature weapon back, take a look at this hilarious fake sketch from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Would you like to see real "hoverboards" brought in to The Walking Dead?