While a lot of outspoken individuals have blamed violence on the media, one murderer is firmly pointing his finger at the AMC series The Walking Dead for his gruesome actions. After immersing himself in an all-day marathon on Netflix, the accused man killed his best friend. His reason? He believed his pal was turning into a zombie!

New Mexico man Damon Perry, who is 23-years-old, claims that 23-year-old Christopher Paquin was slowly transforming into a Walker and decided it was best to end his life. Grants police spokesman Moses Marquez says that both young men had been binge-watching The Walking Dead in preparation for this Sunday's latest episode. Before that could happen, though, Damon Perry began to beat on Christopher Paquin, and the fight quickly turned deadly.

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Damon Perry is currently being held on a murder charge. Perry's attorney, Michael E. Calligan, has not responded to requests for comment. The incident occurred this past Thursday. During the afternoon, police were called to the apartment complex where Perry lives. The officers arrived to find the young man wielding a knife. That's when they noticed Paquin laying dead on the floor of the apartment.

According to the report, maintenance workers at Perry's complex had attempted to detain the man. The accused murderer told police that both he and Christopher had been drinking. That's when Paquin seemed to change into a zombie. Perry alleges that Paquin attacked him, and tried to bite him several times. Police say that Perry took quick action, at first beating the victim with his hands and feet. Damon then reportedly struck the man several times with an electric guitar. He finished off the beating by hitting Paquin with a microwave.

Perry is currently in custody. The accused murderer firmly blames his binge-watching of The Walking Dead on his actions. It was not reported exactly what the two fans had consumed, or just how much they had drank while obsessively watching the show. This news comes after a particularly heartbreaking episode of the The Walking Dead aired last night, which saw one of the long time characters die. It is not yet known what will become of Perry, as a trial date has not been set.