Ok. So we've already seen one fan cut video from The Walking Dead Season 6 finale that slows down the audio from the episode's final moments. And this reportedly gives us a clear cut answer as to who Negan killed in Last Day on Earth. Now we have another fan cut video that runs through Negan's Eenie Meenie line-up. And guess what? Mathematically speaking, this expose also lands on the same exact answer. Suffice it to say, there will be spoilers ahead.

If you dare watch the two videos included below, you'll see that The Walking Dead plans to stick pretty close to the comic books in revealing Negan's victim. As it were on the page, so shall it be on the small screen. Yes, if we're to believe the 'proof' offered up here, it's that Negan does still kill Glenn Rhee, as he did in the original source material. Of course, we won't know if this is, in fact, true until The Walking Dead Season 7 debuts in the fall, where we'll get to see the brutal death scene in all its gruesomely gory glory.

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Fans were not happy with the way Season 6 played out. Many were incensed when the final episode came to its inevitable conclusion. For months, AMC teased the arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. And with that grand entrance, we were all promised the death of a beloved character. While death blows were certainly handed out, they all came from the POV of the victim. And we didn't get to learn the identity of this person. Now, we may have an answer.

Youtube User Slaykone believes he's unequivocally figured out Negan's code. And he shares his findings with us. He goes through the proper order of potential victims as they are lined-up during Negan's gleefully wicked rendition of Eenie Meenie. And this fan purports to have figured out the bizarre order of the game. The Saviors' leader starts in the middle with Rick. He then moves to the right for Abraham. Then he has to run all the way down the line to reach Glenn and Rosita. But if you watch the episode, and the way it is edited, things do not play out quite so straight forward.

The shots suddenly become quite random. And the victims become mixed up with their headcount number. But Slaykone points to the group shot, working through it in mathematical order as Negan should be playing through it. The video tracks Negan's movement across the 11 survivors and comes to only two conclusions. It has to be Glenn, but wait. Might it be Eugene? As they are on opposite ends of the line?

Nope. Because there's even more proof that it is actually Glenn. Right before Negan delivers his death blow, he instructs the others not to move or speak, or he'll tear Carl's other eye out and feed it to Rick. When he references Carl, you can see him subtly gesture to his right, which means the victim is on the other end of the line. And thus, we have our victim. Poor Steven Yeun's Glenn.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed. And Negan is a wild card. He could have widely spun himself out of control during his last few Eenie Meenies. But at this point, doesn't Glenn seem like the safe bet? You can take a look at the new video, along with the one from earlier this week, and decided for yourself. Is there some merit to all of this? We won't truly known until closer to Halloween when The Walking Dead returns for all-new episodes.