This past Sunday, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was introduced as the deadly Negan on The Walking Dead Season 6 finale titled Last Day on Earth. While he came as quite a shock to viewers, his presence has long been felt by readers of the comic book upon which the hit AMC horror series is based. Now, Negan is finally getting a proper backstory in the comic with a special one-off issue that reveals more about his secret origins.

The Negan comic will be a 48-page story, with 4 pages a month being revealed as part of the "Image+" previews catalogue. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's counterpart has appeared in nearly 50 issued of the original Walking Dead comic book run, with none of those issues every showing any part of his past history. Now, comic and show creator Robert Kirkman is working alongside Charlie Adlard to show how TV's ultimate villain came to be. THR has revealed the first page from this origin story which you can see below.

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The one-off is titled Here's Negan. While this first page is quite powerful, it reveals absolutely nothing about Negan or his younger days. What we are actually looking at is Negan creating his iconic weapon. Yes, that's his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which he calls Lucille. If you watched Last Day on Earth, you know that he uses it to bash in the skulls of those who have crossed him. And he swung the mighty piece of wood down on the head of one of The Walking Dead's most beloved characters. Though the identity of this victim won't be revealed until The Walking Dead Season 7 premier, which debuts in October.

Robert Kirkman created this never-before-heard backstory with the idea that some of the ideas seen here will be weaved into the upcoming Season 7 episodes. Jeffrey Dean Morgan also hopes that he gets to play out some of these moments on screen. The actor had this to say.

"I talked to Robert Kirkman after we did Talking Dead, and he is doing the backstory of Negan right now. But whether or not - or when - we see that, and I hope we do, I can't answer that. But hopefully we'll find out more as we go. I approach [Negan] ... like he used to be a used-car salesman. That's what I know, and there's not a lot beyond that. ... He's a car salesman who has survived as long as Rick and his gang, so what has he done to get there?"

The first issue of Image+ is coming to newsstands starting April 27. It will feature other bonus content from various comic book creators. So, are you excited to see Negan finally get an origin story? Or are you just now getting to know him on the small screen? However this plays out, it sounds like its going to be exciting. Check out the first page here. Then sound off in the comment sections below.

Negan Origin Story