The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was supposed to end with a bang. It certainly did that, but it wasn't as loud as fans may have liked. There was a big backlash from the cliffhanger. The episode introduced Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the iconic baseball bat wielding bad guy Negan from the comic books. And many were disappointed at his arrival. It had nothing to do with the actor playing Negan, but everything to do with the fact that we didn't get to see which member of Rick's extended family was killed. The victim is going to be debated until the Season 7 premiere this October, where the identity of Negan's Eenie Meenie winner will be revealed. But what if another actor had played Negan? What if that actor was Patrick Stewart? Would fans still have been as up in arms? I guess we'll never know. But courtesy of Chris Hardwick's personal Instagram account, we get a sense of what that might have looked like. Says Chris Hardwick.

"Sir Patrick Stewart is on the podcast today, where he reveals the biggest Walking Dead twist of all: that HE is, in fact, Negan, and I am the one who gets to meet Lucille."
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Chris Hardwick hosts the Nerdist podcast as well as the Talking Dead after show. It's fun to see the Captain of the Enterprise wielding Lucille. Not to be agist, Patrick Stewart is a little old to play the Negan character, though he probably could be just as menacing as Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The image we see below is a bit more gleeful and fun than anything we can ever expect to see on The Walking Dead.

Speaking of The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, there was a recent report that the audio during the last shot, where we see Negan swinging his bat from the victim's POV, actually gives away who was killed. Spoiler ALERT! This report went onto say it was Glenn, who can be heard crying out for Maggie if you slow the audio down. Glenn is, after all, the one who gets the death blow in the comics. Lauren Cohan, who plays Glenn's pregnant wife Maggie, recently opened up just a tiny little bit about the Season 6 Finale. She doesn't give away the name of the victim. But she does have this to say about the audio heard in this video, which we've included below.

Here's a good piece of intel. We shot the scene, and then individually went into a [sound] booth privately to record audio, so I don't know. Nobody knows what anybody else said."

As previously reported, no one knows the identity of Negan's victim except the showrunners, with the actor who will be leaving the show presumably compensated while he doesn't know whether or not s/he should be looking for a new job. The video doesn't make it 100% clear that Glenn is on the receiving end of that baseball bat. We'll get to learn the truth this fall, when The Walking Dead returns for the first half of Season 7, which will make Jeffrey Dean Morgan a series regular. We'll also be introduced to The Kingdom at some point.