Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly revealed six collectible covers for this week's print issue featuring some of your favorite characters from AMC's hit series The Walking Dead. With the show returning to kick off the back half of Season 6 on Sunday, Entertainment Weekly also brought back 11 characters who were killed off throughout the show's six-season run, who all reunited for one epic, yet creepy, photo. If that wasn't enough, the publication also spoke to Steven Yeun regarding the controversy surrounding his character Glenn.

First off, this new photo features Madison Lintz (Sophia), Kyla Kenedy (Mika), Jeryl Prescott (Jacqui), Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie), Chad Coleman (Tyreese), Tyler James Williams (Noah), David Morrissey (The Governor), Emily Kinney (Beth), IronE Singleton (T-Dog), Larry Gilliard Jr. (Bob) and Robin Lord Taylor (Sam). These actors came together back in June, when they all appeared at the Walker Stalker Convention in Orlando, with the photo featuring all of them wearing black, with their eyes closed, mourning their characters. EW will have interviews with these actors tomorrow, so be sure to check back for more on their journey through The Walking Dead.

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Entertainment Weekly also spoke with Steven Yeun, whose character Glenn almost ended up joining the likes of Sophia, Bob, Noah and the rest of the show's deceased characters. In the third episode of Season 6, Thank You, Glenn fell into a zombie herd after Nicholas (Michael Traynor) killed himself, and many fans assumed that Glenn had died. However, we found out just three episodes later, in Heads Up, that he managed to escape alive, as he began his journey back to Alexandria with Enid (Katelyn Nacon). Towards the end of November's mid-season finale, Start To Finish, we saw both Glenn and Enid scaling a tree near one of the Alexandria walls. Here's what he had to say about this risky move to tease Glenn's fate for several episodes.

"We tried for something that could have been dangerous, and to some, it was. And to some, they didn't like it, and things became polarizing to an extent for that move. But I never felt like our heart was at a place where we were trying to deceive the audience. Never were we like, 'People are going to go crazy for this!" It was more just like, let's tell this story and make it compelling and make it purposeful. (Showrunner) Scott (M. Gimple) always brought up the point that he was trying to make the audience feel the same way as how people back in Alexandria must have felt not knowing where Glenn was. And whether the audience believes that we executed that well or not, we went for it, and even in the face of victory or failure, when you go for something, that's all you can really hang your hat on."

Robert Kirkman revealed that they actually considered having Steven Yeun go on the after-show Talking Dead and "act" like he had left the show and was killed off, to "sell" it even more. They even took the actor's name off the show's opening credit sequence, adding to the ambiguous nature of his death, especially since the first half of the season was structured in a unique way, with each episode only focusing on a handful of characters, and not the whole group itself. When asked about his thoughts on how some felt "deceived" by these actions, the actor had this to say.

"You know, I think it was one of those things where I guess conflicting ideas maybe brought upon a middle ground, and when you're talking about something that is as extreme as that, sometimes the middle ground isn't the best place to operate from. And so some things that Scott was intending happened, and other things that Scott was intending didn't happen, because other people didn't want that to happen. So, you kind of get into a situation where, you know, I wonder what would've happened if we just went full-tilt on bringing me out there, doing the Talking Dead thing, and going for a full-on - I guess you could call it - deception. But in this day and age, when you have the Internet, and you have that show that follows our show, we're having to deal with things that traditionally you don't have to deal with in a storytelling structure."

While Glenn will certainly be alive and well when the show returns, he may not be for long. We reported last year that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan, who will make his debut in the season finale later this year, before becoming a series regular in Season 7. In Negan's first comic book appearance, he kills Glenn with his barbed-wire bat dubbed Lucille. Could this be the last season for Glenn? Check out the photo of the show's deceased characters below, and stay tuned for more on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Deceased Characters Photo