It was /the-walking-dead-will-not-have-charlie-sheen-in-season-2/rumored in November that Charlie Sheen was going to cameo on Season 2 of The Walking Dead, though his contract with CBS kept him from being able to do that. Now that Charlie Sheen has been fired from his hit series Two and a Half Men, The Walking Dead series creator Robert Kirkman is begging the actor to come on the show.

Speaking from the Paley Center on Friday, this is what Robert Kirkman had to say.

"Charlie call us, we will totally make that happen. We'll do whatever you want. We'll recast YOU as Rick. Andrew Lincoln will find something else to do. He can direct an episode. Actually he could play a car for all I care. He's awesome."
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Hopefully Robert Kirkman is joking, as most viewres would balk at the idea of The Walking Dead losing Andrew Lincoln, and most fans would, without a doubt, boycott the series.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange