The Walking Dead kicks off Season 5 this Sunday with No Sanctuary, and to celebrate, most of the cast and creatives behind the hit AMC series appeared at New York Comic Con to discuss what's in story for the future. Things kicked off with executive producer Gale Anne Hurd confirming that Season 5 will resume with its midseason premiere in February.

Season 5 will run for 8 consecutive episodes before the mid-season finale on November 30th. It will take a short hiatus, then, when it returns on Feburary 8, the zombie drama will run for 8 more uninterrupted episodes, with the season finale to air Sunday, March 29. The International midseason premiere is set for February 9, one day after it debuts in the states. This news should come as no surprise, as AMC typically splits its Walking Dead seasons, and has also done the same for Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

More interesting news came from the cast and crew, as it was revealed that Season 5 is going to head back to the 'recent past' to explain and explore some of the action we either saw off screen, or only caught glimpses of, bringing a deeper look at the characters.

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Robert Kirkman, creator of the series and producer of the show, promises that a lot of big moments from the comic book are headed to the small screen. While this season will follow the comic a little closer than it has in past seasons, still expect certain nuances to be a bit different than they originally were presented.

Most of the cast teased the impending arcs facing their characters. Andrew Lincoln's Rick will be uncompromising, driven and brutal, possibly killing a record number of people this year. Steven Yeun promises Glen is headed to a very dark place, though he is hopeful in his reunion with Maggie. Somewhat a newcomer, Michael Cudlitz went onto tease the growing tension between Abraham Ford and Rick as they set out for Washinton D.C. to find a possible cure. Danai Gurira may have the toughest role of all, as her Michonne begins to learn how to love again, an almost impossible task considering her past.

Norman Reedus, who's Daryl Dixon is perhaps fans most favorite character, didn't have time to comment on his impending future, and wouldn't say much about the possibility of Daryl coming out as gay. He did say that Season 5 is comparable to Evel Knievel jumping a bus, and that it races out of the gate fast!

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