After losing two important characters over the past few episodes, fans got their first look at the mysterious new character Aaron (Ross Marquand) in last night's episode of The Walking Dead. Today, we have a new clip, a trailer and two photos from this week's episode "The Distance", where Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group question Aaron. Obviously, they don't trust this stranger quite yet, as he has a flare gun and is likely to signal the rest of his people. But, how many people does Aaron have and are they dangerous?

We first reported on the casting of Ross Marquand back in January. While no details were given about his character at the time, many speculated that he was, in fact playing Aaron. The character was first introduced in Issue #67 of the comic book, as Rick and his group make their way to Washington D.C. Aaron eventually convinces Rick to join his group at the Alexandria Safe Zone, just outside of Washington D.C. Aaron's arrival also marks the first gay character on the show.

Do you think Aaron should be trusted? After all, it's likely that he is the "friend" who left the group several bottles of water on the road, although no one could be sure if it was poisoned or not. Check out this clip and promo below from this week's The Walking Dead, and chime in with your thoughts below.

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The Distance photo 1
The Distance photo 2
The Distance photo 3
The Distance photo 4
The Distance photo 5
The Distance photo 6