Carl (Chandler Riggs) explores an abandoned house as Rick's group finally makes it to the Alexandria Safe Zone in two clips from next week's episode of The Walking Dead, "Remember", airing Sunday, March 1 at 9 PM ET on AMC. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until Sunday to see whether or not a walker (or group of walkers) lurks behind the door Carl is seen approaching in this scene, but this footage is strikingly similar to a scene from the midseason premiere, "What Happnened and What's Going On", where Tyreese (Chad Coleman) was going through the childhood home of Noah (Tyler James Williams), and he was bit by a walker that caused his eventual death. Does this scene hint that we may lose Carl next?

The second clip shows Rick expressing his concern about handing over all of their weapons to the folks at Alexandria, as Aaron (Ross Marquand) suggests that Rick and his group talk to Deanna, who "knows everything there is to know about this place." Of course, we'll have to wait and see exactly who Deanna will be played by, and how the group will react to her presence. Rick and his group obviously haven't had the best of luck in trying to secure a new home as of late, but Alexandria certainly does seem like a safe place, for now.

In addition to the clips, we also have new photos from this week's "Remember". Check out the videos and images as The Walking Dead continues its Season 5 run on AMC. Do you think there will be yet another major death this weekend? Or have Rick and his group finally found a safe place with people they can trust? Let us know what you think below.

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Walkiing Dead Season 3 Episode 12 Photo
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