We've got your first look at next week's episode of The Walking Dead, entitled "The Choice". The new episode airs next Sunday, November 9. Take a look below. In addition to the sneak peak, check out 3 new behind-the-scenes videos from last night's episode, "Slabtown", which take viewers behind the scenes in creating the episode, the most talked about scenes, and beyond.

AMC's hit zombie drama The Walking Dead premiered on October 12, 2014. After the season 4 finale left most of the main characters at the mercy of the sadistic inhabitants of Terminus. Season 5 will offer new directions for the group of survivors as scientist Eugene Porter promises a cure to the zombie virus if he can be safely escorted to Washington DC, but getting there is easier said than done.

Behind-the-scenes videos from last night's episode, "Slabtown".

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.