The tables have turned on the citizens of Terminus in the first 4 minutes of The Walking Dead's Season 5 premiere No Sanctuary, which just debuted online before the full episode debuts tomorrow.

Andrew J. West stars as Gareth, who finds himself and his men in some unsuspected trouble after having locked Rick and the other survivors away in a trailer car.

Always the survivalist, Rick and his crew use their clothing to prepare weapons in facing off with the suspected cannibals of this so-called sanctuary. It's unclear who has the upper hand after a gas canister is thrown, but it soon becomes clear that an orgy of violence is about to play out in some quite disturbing and graphic ways, setting the stage for the rest of this year.

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Don't miss this exclusive first look from the Season 5 Premiere of The Walking Dead, the results of which will play out tomorrow night!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange