Walking Dead Season 5 Final Episodes are Like a Whole New Show

Most fans felt The Walking Dead Season 2 hit a major roadblock, with the survivors stuck at Hershel's farm seemingly forever. Producers took these complains to heart, and ever since, Rick and his crew have never stayed in the same place too long. While the prison was home for quite a few episodes, new locations are getting less and less screen time, and that seems to be even more true as The Walking Dead Season 5 continues. The 'family's' stay at Terminus was short lived, and it doesn't look like the church they've taken cover in is any type of permanent home. Star Andrew Lincoln, who plays Sheriff Grimes, the de facto leader of the group, even goes as far as to say that the final Season 5 episodes are going to look and feel like a completely different TV series.

A game-changing twist is being promised at least by the mid-season point. Andrew Lincoln had this to say about how the show will continue to evolve as it reaches next year's season finale.

"I think the first three episodes are pretty much a body blow-three is an astonishingly brutal and uncompromising episode. But then the story kind of spins off. But I would say that nine, ten, and eleven . . . and twelve . . . actually, the whole season is pretty intense. I'm trying to sort of temper it, but I can't. It moves very quickly. Lots of new locations, a heck of a lot of new characters. But it is a season where maybe two-thirds has this momentum and this drive, and then the final third is like a completely new show."

The Walking Dead continues its quest to be one of the more secretive shows on television in terms of its narrative. With The Walking Dead Season 6 already renewed by AMC, the producers have claimed that story lines are mapped out through the 12th season, which means there is no definitive end in sight. Though, we're likely to see some of the more popular characters die before the end of this season, with more and more new actors being added to the cast list.

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The Walking Dead Companion Series is planned for 2016, which will expand this world of the zombie apocalypse. However the series changes and evolves, the franchise promises to be around for quite sometime.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange