Things came to a head on last night's The Walking Dead. To celebrate the show's Season 5 midseason finale, AMC has revealed an in-depth look at this shocking episode entitled Coda, breaking down the most talked about moment along with a featurette on a beloved character that is no longer with us. We also get to see a trailer for the Season 5 Midseason premiere, with new episodes debuting in February. To top it off, AMC has also released the end credits scene from Coda that finds a fan favorite gaining momentum on his own personal mission. There will be SPOILERS ahead, so tread lightly!

The Walking Dead Season 5 came to a shocking conclusion when Beth finally stood up to Dawn, sacrificing herself to set Noah free. It came at quite the price, with Emily Kinney to be the latest in a long line of actors to say good-bye to the show. The final moments were devastating for both Daryl (Norman Reedus), who'd grown rather close to Beth this past year, and especially for Beth's sister Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who was literally crippled by the sight of her younger sister being carried out of the hospital with a gunshot wound through the forehead.

Now you can relive the most talked about moment from Coda, which shows Beth giving up her life. We also get a character featurette focusing on Beth and actress Emily Kinney, and a behind-the-scenes video which shows how this tearjerking episode came together. Also released last night was a trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason premiere arriving in February, and the end credits scene which finds Morgan closing in on Rick and the gang. Take a sneak peek into the future, and relive these awful moments from the past:

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