It just feels like one of those Walking Dead type of days. We've gotten a look at /walking-dead-season-5-photos-daryl-carol/12 new photos from the upcoming Season 5 run of episodes, which debuts October 12 on AMC. Shortly there after, it was announced that /walking-dead-spinoff-series-pilot/AMC has officially ordered a series pilot for the impending companion series reported on earlier in the year. And now Norman Reedus has tweeted out a series of photos that seemingly tease one of the original comic book's most iconic moments. It also pokes fun at the recent rumors that Daryl Dixon is not only coming out of that Terminus train car intact, but that he will also be coming out of the closet as a badass homosexual zombie slayer this season.

Check it out as producer and makeup effects legend Greg Nicotero gets down on bended knee to propose to Norman Reedus in costume as Daryl Dixon. The question remains: Who's hand is that? The answer may lie after the photos.

Walking Dead Season 5 Set Photo 1
Walking Dead Season 5 Set Photo 2
Walking Dead Season 5 Set Photo 3

Loyal readers of The Walking Dead comic book know that Rick lost his hand in his initial meeting with the Governor. In true Walking Dead fashion, the TV series changed this arc, and now fans fear that fate may befall their beloved Daryl Dixon. The severed limb plot point has always lingered around the edges of Rick's fate. Though, it should be noted that Merle Dixon already lost his hand, and the show had a lot of fun with that.

Will Daryl succumb to the same hand-less life as his brother? It should be noted that this severed hand is wearing a wedding ring, which we see placed on Norman Reedus by Greg Nicotero. Rick wears a wedding ring, so all signs point to this hand belonging to him while the actor and his producer fool around. But maybe there are other plot points in store that see Daryl getting married? Does he meet the man of his dreams at Terminus?

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Who do you want to see lose a hand? Daryl is the more interesting choice, as he has so far survived unscathed. Many believe that Rick isn't going to see the other side of Season 5, but in this world of the zombie apocalypse, anything can happen, and usually does.

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