On Valentine's Day, The Walking Dead will return for the back-half of Season 6. And true to form, a lot of our favorite characters will not be making it to the already announced Season 7. It's one thing that sets this zombie apocalypse drama apart from other hit shows. Someone always has to die. And it's usually someone audiences have grown very fond of. Have you ever wondered why character deaths are so important to the growth and continuation of the show?

Knowing that no character, except for Melissa Suzanne McBride's Carol, is ever safe brings a sense of dread to each episode that no other show has been able to achieve. And over the course of the past 6 years we've seen plenty of actors come and go. Anyone can die at anytime, except Carol, who has been named by the show's producers as the only survivor who will outlast the series. Character deaths are integral to the forward momentum of the story, no matter how much it hurts fans. According to comic book creator Robert Kirkman, it is one essential element that will never change.

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BravoTV.com's Inside the Actor's Studio recently sat down with Robert Kirkman. They discussed this notion of perpetual death and destruction. And in his remarks, the madman behind the mayhem had this to say about Death's ever-looming importance to the proceedings.

"I wrote the comic for like eight years before the show even existed and uh you know I like to say 'people gots to die,' because you never want to lose that--what you were talking about--you know if you go too long a period with characters surviving and being safe then you lose that element of 'oh my god any of these characters could go at any moment.' That is a tremendously powerful engine that drives this whole thing and it is emotional."

Most fans will agree that, while it is hard to say good-bye to some characters, the constant death toll does bring a sense of dread unlike anything seen on any other TV show. The stakes are always high, and the cast will forever be evolving and changing. Soon, some of the longest standing survivors will be dispatched, and by The Walking Dead Season 7, we could be looking at a whole new show. Not even fan favorite Daryl Dixon is safe in this environment.

The first half of The Walking Dead Season 6 didn't feature any major characters dying. Though Glenn's fate did hang in the balance for a few episodes after it was believed that he was torn apart by a zombie horde. He may not be around much longer, if the show follows the comics. Negan is being introduced in the Season Finale, and Glenn is his first victim. But this may change for the small screen.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will likely bring one major death that will send shockwaves through the show's fan base. Just who that is yet remains to be seen. But don't count anyone out, including leader Rick or his son. As of now, there are certainly some characters that have outstayed their welcome. Who will be the next to bite the big zombie piss biscuit in the sky? We'll have to wait until The Walking Dead Season 6 returns on AMC Sunday, February 14 at 9pm to find out. Who do you want to see go next?

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