The Walking Dead series creator Robert Kirkman is assuring fans that whoever was on the receiving end of Negan's iconic baseball bat in last night's Season 6 finale is someone everyone loves. But who is it? These next 6 months are going to be very long and trying as we hear every theory in the book on who got a taste of Lucille in Last Day on Earth. And we can expect more than one Spoiler story claiming to know who's fate has been truly tested to the bitter end.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan finally made his long-awaited entrance as the dreaded Negan in the final moments of Last Day on Earth. But his appearance has left some fans feeling quite cold and disconnected. We were all expected the show to end with a death. But almost no one expected that death to become a huge secret as we head into the summer.

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We know that Negan took out one of the main characters in The Walking Dead. But who is it? Series creator Robert Kirkman appeared on Talking Dead immediately following the horrific final blow. And he insists that whoever died is one of the big fan-favorites. Which should narrow the playing field quite a bit. He states the following.

"As upset as people probably are at Negan's introduction and how he's coming in and killing somebody who is very beloved to everyone, from his perspective, he's the hero of his story, like most villains. And if we'd been following him this whole time, we'd be 100 percent on board with that."

Of course Robert Kirkman would side with the killer. He created this monster, after all. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple was also on hand to talk about last night's big cliffhanger. As things play out in the future, we'll begin to see that this ending is actually the beginning of something new for our survivor family. He explains.

"When we reveal who's on the receiving end, that's going to be the start of another story. The kickback effects from that, what it makes everyone into, how they react, how the world changes for everyone - that's the next part of the story."

As it turns out, quite a few The Walking Dead fans are more than just a little upset about this big Negan cliffhanger. Some even called it 'another in a long line of stunts' that the AMC series has pulled. About that, the show runner had this to say.

"We have to do an episode that justifies [the cliffhanger] to you. We have to do something so great and so intense that you're like, 'OK, all right, fair play.' That's the challenge that we have, and we're going to do it. We're going to deliver you something fantastic. We want you to be one of those people in that lineup. We want you to feel that suspense and that terror and that pain. We're going to deliver you a story next season that justifies it."

It's anybody's guess as to who tasted Lucille last night. But when it's said that everyone loves this character, we can only believe that it's Daryl, because almost everyone else in this line-up certainly has their haters. We can almost most certainly cancel Carl and Rick out as well. Carl and Negan have quite a unique relationship in the comic book following this moment in the original story, and that should play out on the small screen. And if you look carefully, Negan quickly points to his left, motioning to Carl, before he brings down his bat. And we're pretty sure Rick is going to be left alive. As you can't feed an eyeball to a deadman. So, what do you think?