Yesterday, it was widely reported that fans have started a petition to boycott The Walking Dead unless AMC reveals who Negan killed before May 10. Hilarious, of course, as this flies in the face of what a cliffhanger is supposed to do. Well, it looks like those fans, and anyone wanting to know, won't have to wait that long for an answer if this latest video pans out to be true. An enterprising Youtube user named Fedrico Trione has slowed down the 'kill' portion of the POV video from last Sunday's episode. And it proves, without a doubt, who Negan killed. But does it really? Suffice it to say, there will be SPOILERS ahead.

Fans were incensed when the final Season 6 episode came to its inevitable conclusion. For months now, AMC has teased the arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. And with that grand entrance, we were all promised the death of a beloved character. While death blows were certainly handed out, they all came from the POV of the victim. And we didn't get to learn the identity of this person, and won't until next fall, when 7 Season premieres. Some fans have stomped their feet quite loudly, wanting, no, demanding an answer. Well. It looks like the answer was right there on the original pages of the comic book all along. Which makes the cliffhanger seem more viable now.

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Had Last Day on Earth shown us the death of Glenn Rhee this past Sunday night, fans would have been just as upset as they are about the cliffhanger. For a number of reasons. First, we already witnessed Glenn die, and then be resurrected as it were. And now, we're experiencing those same gut wrenching feelings all over again. Because, if you listened to the slowed down audio on this video, it certainly sounds like that's who's head is being bashed in. Yes, if this video is correct, Glenn has gone onto the next plane of existence to dance with the reaper.

In the original comic books upon which The Walking Dead is based, created by Robert Kirkman, Glenn is the victim Negan pulls out of the line-up at random. Maggie's husband soon finds his head bashed in by Negan's baseball bat affectionately referred to as Lucille. Many believed that the show was changing this course of action. That it would follow its own path. Star Norman Reedus was rumored to be looking for movie jobs in the coming year, so most expected that it was actually Daryl Dixon who would be killed in the show. Also on the chopping block are Rick, Michonne, Rosita, Carl, Maggie, Aaron, Eugene, Abraham and Sasha. But the audio that is slowed down here sure sounds an awfully lot like Glenn to us.

But here's the problem. Executive producer Greg Nicotero has already said that none of the cast knows who Negan killed. Including actors Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn. As well, it's been said that there are absolutely no clues in the video or a way to break the code by the showrunners. And it's quite possible that they don't even know who they want to have killed yet. They might wait to see where all the Internet speculation goes, and make a decided sharp left turn to throw everyone off. None of The Walking Dead Season 7 has been shot yet, let alone written. And the kill scene was only done via the POV we see in this final episode. This might all be a fun Easter egg that the producers threw in to have fun with fans whom they suspected might do something like this.

So, we won't truly know who dies at the hands of Negan until The Walking Dead Season 7 debuts close to Halloween. Sure, the identity of the dead may be leaked in advance after the scene is shot, but it sounds like the show is taking every precaution to keep that from happening. Is Glenn truly dead this time? The show's teased us before. This might yet be another epic stunt to have us continue thinking that Mr. Rhee has joined the countless others who are no longer with the show. What do you think?