There are just four episodes of The Walking Dead left this season, with the next episode The Same Boat airing this Sunday, March 13 at 9 PM ET on AMC. Those who follow the Robert Kirkman comic books may be dreading these last few episodes, because it means at least one beloved character may be killed off. Earlier today, AMC released the titles and brief plot rundowns for the final three episodes of the year. Cross airs Sunday, March 20, The Calm Before airs March 27 and the season finale, Something to Fear, finally arrives on April 3. If you aren't caught up at this point, there will be potential SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

The Cross synopsis doesn't reveal too much, teasing that Heath (Corey Antonio Hawkins) and Tara (Alanna Masterson) have gone out on a supply run, but, "instead of finding goods for Alexandria, they find trouble." The Calm Before synopsis is even more cryptic, revealing that, "Rick's group confront a horrible situation they may not be able to overcome." The season finale synopsis is a bit more detailed, teasing that not one but two dreaded deaths could be coming.

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"In the aftermath of a tragic blow, Eugene falls captured by Dwight, a member of the Saviors, whom are hell bent on getting even with Alexandria, Negan teaches Rick and company a brutal lesson, which shows that Rick and company finally have something to fear."

The "tragic blow" before the finale may be the death of Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz). In the 98th issue of the comic, both Abraham and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) leave Alexandria on a secret mission, when, out of nowhere, an arrow strikes Abraham in the head, killing him instantly. Eugene tries to run back to Alexandria, but he is captured by a group of Saviors lead by a man named Dwight.

The "brutal lesson" in the finale may be the death of Glenn, who, in the comics, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) chose at random to kill, to send a message to the Alexandrians. The episode's title, Something to Fear, is taken directly from the title of the six-issue comics volume, which spans issues 97 through 102. Of course, the show has deviated from the comics in the past, so it's completely possible that both Glenn and Abraham will live to see another day in The Walking Dead Season 7. But if they do, Eugue certainly won't make it out of this mess alive. What do you think about these plot details?