The Walking Dead will end it's Season 6 run over the course of the next two Sundays, bringing everything to a heartbreaking, bloody climax on April 3. Something to Fear will be a monumental episode in that it will introduce viewers to iconic comic book villain Negan. We have a first look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan as this terrifying presence, as he introduces his iconic baseball bat Lucille.

The Walking Dead show runner Scott M. Gimple recently spoke with EW about Negan's grand entrance on the show. And he might be more excited about this looming, deadly presence than any fan. And with good reason. The character promises to be unlike anything ever seen on TV before. Equally excited is Negan creator Robert Kirkman, who got to watch his work of fiction spring to deadly life. He states.

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"I've seen moments from the comic come to life before my eyes, and it's all very touching. But seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan in costume, holding Lucille, saying lines - yeah, I don't get goosebumps a lot, but that definitely happened. And seeing the joy and the elation that I had from seeing that character existing in a real space, coming to life as they say, I know that the fans are going to feel the same way. So as perfect a casting as everybody seems to think it is, I can confirm that that is 100 percent the case, and I'm just very excited for the world to get to know Negan the way that we have. It's going to be great."

Negan is going to change the TV landscape in a big way. The character is very complex, and some fans might find themselves rooting for him. He's as funny as he is threatening. And it makes for uneasy viewing. Especially when you know one or more of your favorite characters' lives may be on the line. Says Robert Kirkman about bringing Negan into the TV world of The Walking Dead.

"Negan is kind. Negan is respectful. Negan is psychotic. Negan is ruthless. This is a very nuanced character that has a lot of different shades to him. There's a lot of honor to him. There's a rule system in place. I think he's unlike anything anybody's experienced in The Walking Dead thus far. He's definitely a different kind of bad guy. He's sadistic and dangerous and all those things that you would expect from a Governor, but he's much more in control. He's much less sporadic and he has much less of a temper. This is not a guy who's going to lose control and start shooting his own people the way the Governor did. This is a guy who, much like Rick, has survived through horrendous things and has developed a system, a way of life, that works for him. And he's a leader of a fairly sizable group, and so in order to do those things for as long as he's done them, he'd have to be very accomplished as a human being. I won't necessarily say that this is Rick potentially coming up against an anti-Rick, but this is a character that Rick is not necessarily going to have an advantage over the way he had an advantage over, say, a Gareth, or a Governor."

We only get to see Negan from the back in this exciting teaser. We may not get to see the complete reveal until April 3, when Something to Fear brings this latest chapter in The Walking Dead to a close. Who will taste the raw end of Negan's beloved Lucille? We'll have to wait and see. Until then, get your first look right here.