The first half of The Walking Dead's sixth season was particularly hard for fans of Steven Yeun's Glenn Rhee, who was thought to be killed off in the third episode, Thank You. We saw Nicholas (Michael Traynor) kill himself as both he and Glenn fell into a herd of walkers. But we found out just a few episodes later that Glenn did in fact make it out alive. In the fall finale, we saw Glenn and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) make it back to Alexandria, just as the "walkers" started infiltrating the compound. Entertainment Weekly recently spoke with Lauren Cohan, who teased that Maggie's reunion with Glenn may not be as heartwarming as one would expect.

"The reunion is going to be somewhat overshadowed by a lot of other darkness. I think I can say that much. Because they have found each other and just in time to sort of help everybody else in this huge battle that's continuing. They're completely underwater right now. We've had both of them at the absolute cliff edge of danger and death."
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While it isn't exactly clear if the reunion happens in the midseason premiere, No Way Out, the actress did tease that Maggie does see Glenn, as she's stuck on a lookout platform while Glenn is seen scaling one of Alexandria's other outer walls. As it turns out, when Maggie first sees Glenn, Lauren Cohan actually lost her voice because she was screaming so much, and she had to go back and get the screams just right in ADR (automated dialogue replacement). Here's what she had to say below.

"We shot that scene and I screamed 'Glennnnnnnnnnn!' so much I lost my voice. And then we didn't quite get it so I did it all over again in ADR. That's the biggest screaming I've had yet in the show. We have put the couple through the ringer, in terms of separating, then promising they'll never leave each other's sight again, and now they're in the ultimate separation over this sea of walkers."

When we last saw Rick and his small group of Alexandria survivors, they had covered themselves in zombie guts and were trying to make a break from the overtaken community. Of course, we don't know where exactly they are heading to, but it's been rumored that they will visit the Hilltop Colony, which was first mentioned in Issue 92 of the Robert Kirkman comics, just eight issues before the introduction of the iconic villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who will first be seen in the season finale later this year. When Negan first appeared in the comics, he killed Glenn with his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, so we'll have to wait and see if the show follows this comic book story line or not. Are you excited to see Maggie and Glenn's reunion when The Walking Dead returns?