The first half of The Walking Dead Season 6 was a non-stop zombie fest that never slowed down to catch its breath. And it brought one big shock after the next. The trailer for the midseason premiere promises to keep that momentum going, introducing Negan's saviors while also teasing an iconic moment from the comic books upon which this AMC series is based.

It's been more than a month since we last saw the survivors of The Walking Dead. And that might have been too much time. These all-new episodes are some of the most anticipated in the series' run. And for good reason. They will explore some story arcs that have long been teased in the comic. From here on out, this world of the zombie apocalypse is going to be insane. And we suspect that some of the most beloved members of Rick's family aren't going to make it to see The Walking Dead Season 7 in October.

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There isn't a whole lot of new The Walking Dead footage here. We know that the big, bad Negan is coming soon. He'll be played by the enigmatic Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But before he makes his way on the scene, we'll be introduced to Negan's Saviors, who showed up in a special clip following the The Walking Dead Season 6 midseason finale, as they stopped Daryl, Abraham and Sasha from returning to Alexandria. We see a few moments from that intense footage here.

The big moment in this latest sneak peek finds Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes swinging his hatchet, which we haven't really seen on the show too much just yet. The big question is, who is on the receiving end of that mighty blow? When we last saw Rick and his small group of Alexandria survivors, they had covered themselves in zombie guts and were trying to make a break from the overtaken community. But Jessie's son Sam was about to have a mental breakdown. If he gets too loud, this could cause a full on attack. One that puts everyone in danger and requires Rick to use his hatchet.

In the comic book, someone is overtaken by the Walkers and grabs Carl by the arm. That's when Rick brings down the weapon, severing the arm. Originally (SPOILER ALERT), it is Jessie who is cut loose. Rick chooses family over any possible budding romance. There is speculation that the TV show will veer off into uncharted territory and allow Jessie to live, putting someone else on the receiving end of that hatchet blade.

We'll have to wait until February 14, on Valentine's night, to both meet Negan's Saviors and see just who is losing that limb. The Walking Dead Season 6 promises to pick right back up where it left off, with no time having passed for our poor Alexandria residents, who likely no longer have a home. And just when will Negan arrive to swing his bat? It's suspected that he won't show up until the big season finale. So, who's excited?