When Season 6 of The Walking Dead debuts this October, fans will be introduced to a number of new characters inside the Alexandria community. There is one character, though, fans have been dying to see over the past few years, the villainous Negan. The show's producers have always played coy about when Negan may finally surface, but a report from TV Line reveals we may see him sooner rather than later on The Walking Dead.

The site claims producers are "quietly casting" a character named "Rich," whose description is quite similar to Negan from the comic books. "Rich" is described as a fifty-something narcissist who has an angry streak, the charm of a Senator and the charisma of a car salesman. All of these characteristics fit Negan to a T, but, in the comics, the villain is actually a bit younger. On the page, Negan is in his late 30s to early 40s, and it isn't known why they would make him at least 10 years older in the TV series.

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It's possible that "Rich" could actually be a different character from the comics altogether, Gregory, the cowardly leader of the Hilltop Colony, where Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew are rumored to visit later this season. Gregory is in the same age range as "Rich," and he is also prone to angry outbursts, who can be equally charming and charismatic when needed. It isn't known if there are any front runners for this Rich role yet, or when he may pop up in The Walking Dead Season 6.

If the show is actually bringing on Negan, then it could mean the end of a beloved character on the hit zombie series. SPOILER! In the comics, Negan is responsible for the death of Glenn (Steven Yeun), but even if Negan is coming on board, it may not mean the end of Glenn. You may recall that Shane (Jon Bernthal) lived until near the end of Season 2, but in the comics, he dies in just the sixth issue. Then again, the death of Glenn could provide a shocking end to Season 6 in the finale. But we're not sure if that will happen or not.

The new characters we do know are coming aboard include Corey Antonio Hawkins' Heath, an Alexandrian supply runner, Merritt Wever as Dr. Denise Cloyd and Ethan Embry as Carter. The show is also seeking actors to play a married couple named Kirk and Hilda, but fans have already speculated that this couple could be Dwight and Sherry. If Kirk and Hilda do turn out to be Dwight and Sherry, it could be another sign that Negan is coming aboard, since that couple isn't introduced in the comics until after Negan surfaces. Would you rather see Negan or Gregory on The Walking Dead?