There are only a handful of people who know the identity of Negan's victim in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. And Greg Nicotero's parents aren't among them. The executive producer and director of this upsetting episode, titled Last Day on Earth, is being literally bombarded by fans from around the world demanding that he reveal the truth. But he's keeping his mouth sewn shut. And that's caused a lot of anger to be pointed directly his way. Even in his own family. He tells EW how frustrated his mom and dad were after watching The Walking Dead finale to end all finales.

"My mom and dad called this morning and they were like, 'We had nightmares last night. You gotta tell us who it is.' My mom pulled the whole, 'Gregory, this is your mother, you need to tell me who dies.' I'm like, 'Mom I'm not allowed to tell you that.' So my mom and dad aren't talking to me right now."
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'Who did Negan kill?' Has literally become the 'Who Shot J.R.?' of 2016, and it's going to be one long, hot grueling summer before we get a true answer. Speculation and theory has already run rampant across the internet. But if you happen to bump into one of the actors in Atlanta, don't expect them to give you an answer. None of them even know who Negan killed. And the cast has taken a vow of silence amongst themselves and everyone else when it comes to the identity of Negan's victim. Andrew Lincoln explains.

"We kind of made a pact with each other, just because personally and professionally one of us is going. These people are lovely, dear friends. Including myself one of us is gonna get it. We all just made a pact not to discuss it. It's upsetting. It's too precious. There are certain things that become sacred on set and I'm afraid, I'm one of these people going, 'I can't talk about it.' Every time we've lost somebody on the show they've been instrumental in story telling. It's the same thing. We lock up shop. We linked arms, got on our knees, and said, 'You know what? Let's not discuss this. It's painful. No apologies.'"

Comic book and show creator Robert Kirkman has teased that the character is "beloved by everyone," but that doesn't exactly narrow down the field too much. In the comics, Negan is introduced in a similar fashion as he is on the show, after his Saviors laid a trap for Rick and his crew. In the comics, Negan kills Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun). And a recent fan video, which slows down the final moments in Last Day on Earth, seems to prove that the show isn't deviating much from the source material. But this could just be a ruse by show runners who knew fans would be searching high and low for a clue or hidden Easter egg.

The Walking Dead Season 7 doesn't debut until this fall, close to Halloween. So we have a little over six months to go before the truth will be unveiled. Can Greg Nicotero's parents go that long without talking to their precious boy? We know we all have to wait, so why should they be so special? Sound off in the comments below.