For months, the team behind The Walking Dead promised to introduce Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan in grand fashioned. His debut was also supposed to bring the death of one much beloved character. That, it certainly did. But the blows to the head were all done from the POV of said character. And this person's identity was not revealed. And won't be until this Halloween, when The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres. Well, some fans are very upset about this. They hate the very idea of such a cliffhanger, and are now threatening to boycott the show.

Which is hilarious. Cliffhangers are nothing new. And they're a major driving force in building anticipation for future episodes. But these fans feel they were slighted. They had been anticipating this particular death ever since Negan was first announced. Which they feel was cliffhanger enough. They also don't feel like there will be enough time to grieve said character once the show returns in the fall. And that any and all momentum that had been built up has all but been deflated. Most certainly, even after stringing audiences along with Glenn's supposed death last year, The Walking Dead Season 6 has taken things a bit too far.

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The showrunners all insist this cliffhanger is not a stunt, but a way to further expand and influence the story that is to come in upcoming episodes. In the comic books it was Glenn who tasted the barbed wire wrapped wood of Negan's baseball bat named Lucille. Rumors claim that Norman Reedus was out looking for movie roles, and that it was actually his character Daryl Dixon taking the place of Glenn on the show. While the final moments of the episode titled Last Day on Earth stayed pretty close in line with the comic, the comic gave us an answer right away.

As it sits, we don't know who Negan killed. On the chopping block are Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Rosita, Carl, Maggie, Aaron, Eugene, Abraham and Sasha. Apparently the actors themselves don't even know which one of them is not supposed to come into work this summer, when production starts on these new episodes. At this point, no one except the show runners know what to expect.

Some fans just can't deal with that, and have taken to stomping the ground like little children. And they are doing this by way of official petition. Mason Cade Packer has launched a petition on directly addressing AMC. He has this to say, demanding that Negan's victim be revealed in the next few weeks.

"I would like AMC to show us who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. We want this either in an interim episode that borders Season 6 and 7, or a short R-Rated webisode that shows us the death in all it's bloody glory. Either of these are fine as long as it's released before May 30th."

This petition was launched 2 days ago, and hasn't collected too many signatures. Only 41 supports have decided to side with Packer and his demands. That's not the most threatening petition to be launched, though. A second petition has appeared on It is pushing for a straight up boycott and asks AMC to dissolve show runner Scott M. Gimple's contract.

"Preface: this petition is not about changing what's already happened, so much as it's about addressing massive shortcomings as of late so that these mistakes will not be repeated going forward. At the end of season 6, the showrunners of "The Walking Dead" did their most loyal fans a great disservice by ruining the greatest and most iconic moment of the entire series with a gimmicky "cliffhanger" ending. There are a couple reasons that they may have done this, but it is most likely that they are simply trying to boost ratings of the premiere episode of season 7, or that they have grown too lazy and complicit to actually feed us a complete, well thought out story. At any rate, this is the third time they've used a cliffhanger in one season to try and make up for their own lack of creativity, and the most loyal fans of the show have had enough. Signing this petition means you will pledge to not watch the season 7 premiere of the show unless the showrunners correct their mistake by 1. providing us, the fans, with a concrete ending to the episode online, preferably with footage, and 2. vowing to NEVER force a cliffhanger ending again in a way that will kill the momentum of the show and ruin the viewer's experience for the sake of ratings. We would also like to see Scott M. Gimple's contract dissolved. Enough is enough, the fans care a great deal for this show and refuse to allow the showrunners to continue to run it into the ground. No more cheap gimmicks, AMC."

Hilarious as it may be, these fans don't see this as a laughing matter. And these seem to be lost voices screaming in the wind, given a bit of validity by us because they're pretty hilarious. Throwing petitions and threatening to boycott any give fan-loved property has become a fun pastime for quite a few audience members lately. These latest petitions follow ones asking that Zack Snyder be fired from Justice League Part 1 and that George Lucas replace director Colin Trevorrow on Star Wars: Episode IX. No one attached to any of these properties seem to take these petitions at all seriously. And why would they?