In just a few short weeks, The Walking Dead will return to kick off the back half of Season 6 on Sunday, February 14 at 9 PM ET. Of course, this date is Valentine's Day, but any fan of the show knows that it's not necessarily romantic, although the relationship between Glenn (Lauren Cohan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has become part of the show's foundation. Still, don't expect to see any burgeoning romances when the show returns. In fact, series star Norman Reedus, who plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon, teased in an interview with Empire that a huge fight will unfold when the show returns.

"There's going to be a fight. I won't tell you who, when and where, but I can promise you a fight. All of us are about to clash with that motherf---er. There's a lot of turmoil in the second half of Season 6."
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While we don't know for certain, it seems unlikely that the "motherf---er" everyone clashes with is the long-awaited villain Negan. We reported in November that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan, who will be introduced in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, before becoming a series regular in The Walking Dead Season 7. Negan's arrival may be a sign that a beloved character will be killed off soon, but we'll have to wait until the Season 6 finale to find out for sure. Negan is introduced in the 100th issue of The Walking Dead, where he and his group took Rick and the Alexandrians by surprise, before choosing a random person to kill, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun).

It also seems unlikely that the person causing this fight is Glenn himself. After we saw him fall into a zombie herd with Nicholas (Michael Traynor) in this season's third episode Thank You. For several episodes, Glenn's fate was unclear, but we found out a few weeks later in Heads Up that he managed to escape alive, as he began his journey back to Alexandria with Enid (Katelyn Nacon). Towards the end of November's mid-season finale, Start To Finish, we saw both Glenn and Enid scaling a tree near one of the Alexandria walls, although it's possible that Glenn doesn't reunite with Maggie and the rest of the group right away.

When we last saw Rick and his small group of Alexandria survivors, they had covered themselves in zombie guts and were trying to make a break from the overtaken community. Of course, we don't know where exactly they are heading to, but it's been rumored that they will visit the Hilltop Colony, which was first mentioned in Issue 92 of the Robert Kirkman comics, just eight issues before Negan's introduction. Who do you think Rick, Daryl and the rest of these survivors will fight with? Chime in with your theories, and stay tuned for more as we get closer to the midseason premiere on Valentine's Day.