The Walking Dead is currently in production on Season 6 in Atlanta, and we already know about one new character who will debut this year: Heath, played by Corey Antonio Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton). Today we're hearing about a casting notice that went out last week, with The Walking Dead Season 6 adding two more characters. The show is looking for an actor and an actress to play characters named Kirk and Sherry. Take a look at the official character descriptions.

"[KIRK] Male, Mid 20s to 30. Just a couple years ago, he was a young, blue collar everyman from a small town, who worked a job, was married, and followed the golden rule. He's avoided being cynical and bottom line minded - but the world seems to keep telling him to look out for number one and eliminate anyone in his way... RECURRING GUEST STAR W/ SERIES OPTION FOR SUBSEQUENT SEASONS (MUST BE AVAILABLE 6/19-6/30 & 10/16-11/19) [HILDA] Female, Mid 20s to 30, Attractive, Kirk's wife, she's a real partner to him. She's a strong woman, not passive or wilting.... RECURRING GUEST STAR"
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What's interesting is that Kirk's description is much more specific, along with the mention that the actor who plays him will have an option to return for future seasons. There is seemingly no option to return for Hilda, hinting that she might not make it to the inevitable Season 7. There are no characters named Kirk or Hilda in Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comic books, but they could just be fake names, with some speculating that they are Dwight and Sherry from the comics. They are a married couple who eventually become separated, though, they don't surface in the comics until Negan comes around. And that particular villain hasn't been introduced on the show yet. Do you have any theories about who these characters may be? Chime in with your thoughts below.