With the Season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead just around the corner, AMC has released five new photos featuring some of your favorite characters, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green). Each one of these photos features the characters with their various weapons, as they get ready to battle the zombies outside of the Alexandria walls.

The Walking Dead Season 6 picks up immediately following the events of last spring's finale when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) executed Alexandrian Pete (Corey Brill) in front of a shocked town hall meeting, and the returning Morgan (Lennie James). But new threats both inside and outside the community will force Rick, Michonne and the other survivors to reevaluate their roles within the group and take drastic actions in order to protect their people and their new home. Along with all of these returning characters, Season 6 will feature plenty of new faces as well.

The new characters coming aboard this season are Corey Antonio Hawkins' Heath, an Alexandrian supply runner, Merritt Wever as Dr. Denise Cloyd and Ethan Embry as Carter. The show is also seeking actors to play a married couple named Kirk and Hilda, but fans have already speculated that this couple could be Dwight and Sherry. If Kirk and Hilda do turn out to be Dwight and Sherry, it could be another sign that Negan is coming aboard, since that couple isn't introduced in the comics until after Negan surfaces. A report surfaced last week that the show is secretly casting the villainous Negan, but that has not been confirmed. While we wait for any details on Negan, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Melissa Suzanne McBride about how her character Carol can be sweet and loving one moment, and menacing the next.

"She's adaptable - and one of her weapons is adaptability. I think they're both equal sides of the same coin, and I think they're both as dangerous and both as necessary," McBride says of Carol's seemingly dual personality. "Each one is necessary so far, but they're both who she is. And each one is aware of the other. It's beautiful and complicated, but so simple. This is a tool. This is one of her weapons. It's the mask."

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 11 with a 90-minute Season 6 Premiere episode. As always, the show will be followed by the season premiere of the after-show Talking Dead. Fans can also tune in to a special episode of Talking Dead one week earlier, Sunday, October 4, following the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. While we wait for more details on this highly-anticipated show's return, check out these photos.

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<strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong> Season 6 Michonne Photo

<strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong> Season 6 Rick Photo

<strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong> Season 6 Carol Photo

<strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong> Season 6 Daryl Photo

<strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong> Season 6 Sasha Photo