It's only been a few weeks since AMC's The Walking Dead brought Season 5 to a close, and now fans are starting to look forward to Season 6, which starts production next month in Atlanta. AMC has released a new preview for the upcoming season, where cast members tease what is in store for the fans. What do they know about Season 6? In short, nothing, but showrunner Scott M. Gimple does know the plan, although he isn't saying much.

The showrunner/executive producer reveals that every eight episodes of The Walking Dead is essentially a new show, and that the first eight episodes of Season 6 will be vastly different than the last eight of Season 5. Executive producer Denise M. Huth reveals that the show is all about taking these characters and putting them in situations they haven't been in before, and "taking more and more away from them." She also teases that, now the group has found a safe place, who will be in control of defending it from the horrors that await outside their gates?

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The cast and crew also tease that the mysterious group known as The Wolves will have a heightened presence in Season 6, with Michael Cudlitz adding that he thinks the threat of the Wolves will become "very real" next season. You may also recall that the Season 5 finale showed that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was finally reunited with Morgan (Lennie James), although these characters' sensibilities are in a far different place now than when they first met back in the first season. What do you think will happen in Season 6 of The Walking Dead? Let us know what you think after checking out the video below.