The Walking Dead returned last night with its first episode of 2016, No Way Out, which some are hailing as one of the best episodes ever. To celebrate the return of this extremely popular horror series, EW has commissioned a set of 6 Walker portraits. The photos are all pretty scary, and are the work of acclaimed photographer Dan Winters. The man spent four grueling days on the set of the AMC series last summer, and below you can see the results.

While the first three days of The Walking Dead shoot were used to capture candid moments with the cast, used as the covers for last week's special The Walking Dead EW edition, the fourth day had the photographer going to battle with some flesh hungry zombies. The images utilize a number of different Walkers who can be glimpsed amongst the horde. About shooting these living dead monstrosities, Dan Winters had this to say.

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"One of the great experiences being on set with the people who produce the show is how incredibly welcoming they were to us.  I felt like I crashed a very messy family dinner. The actors had so much respect for the crew and it seemed like a really chill group of people who were into what they were doing which was making art. I do plenty of work with actors, but when I first saw all the zombies and body parts in Greg Nicotero's workshop, I was in a complete state of overwhelming awe and wondered how many weeks I could spend there. My second thought was, 'I'm gonna need a bigger boat. It was so much fun working with Nicotero, because he was off camera giving body directions to his creations since he knows what they do. The fan also helped. The hair blowing shots are amazing. I have no sense what those people really look like. I have no idea. They showed up camera ready, so as far as I was concerned, I received zombies. The interesting thing for me about making these photographs was that I was actually shooting zombies because they could not talk. I didn't have a conversation with one of those people at all. Nicotero was shooting this black crap (a mouth rinse FX makeup teams use to "black out" the pink flesh in the maws of the living) in their mouths and they couldn't do anything other than hang there."

For those who follow the comic books by Robert Kirkman, many wondered if the show would address one of the most pivotal moments, which ultimately happened in last night's episode, where Carl is shot in the face, losing the use of one eye. The scene happened a bit differently in the show, since, in the comics, Carl was shot by Douglas Monroe, the Alexandria leader who was replaced by new character, Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) for the drama. After Ron lost his mother and brother to a zombie attack, he pulled a gun on Rick, but Michonne stepped in and stabbed him with his sword. As he went down, he fired a shot that struck Carl in the face. It was a big surprise for all watching, and the moment played out amongst a river of zombies just like the one's you see below.

We know that one of the most iconic characters in the comic books, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), will debut in the season finale, where another beloved character may meet his demise. In the comics, Negan was introduced by choosing one of the survivors to kill at random, deciding on Glenn (Steven Yeun), although we don't know for sure if the show will follow this exact story line. While we await for these events to continue unfolding, take a look at these new photos, and celebrate some of the unsung villains that make the show worth watching week after week.

Walking Dead Season 6 Zombie Portrait 1
Walking Dead Season 6 Zombie Portrait 2
Walking Dead Season 6 Zombie Portrait 3
Walking Dead Season 6 Zombie Portrait 4
Walking Dead Season 6 Zombie Portrait 5
Walking Dead Season 6 Zombie Portrait 6
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