Warning! There will be potential spoilers in this story for fans of The Walking Dead. That said, none of the rumored deaths are confirmed at this time and won't be until The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres this fall. Fans all know that one beloved member of the Alexandria family is going to get his or her head bashed in during the opening moments of the first Season 7 episode. Though the identity of the deceased has yet to be unveiled. Now comes another hint that one more individual is doomed. So, who is it?

It seems other studios issuing official press releases for upcoming movies and TV shows are dropping spoilers left and right. While it's long been rumored that Glenn Rhee is the man at the end of Negan's death blows in the Season 7 finale, a PR for the movie Okja almost all but confirms this to be true. Glenn is Negan's doomed victim in the original Walking Dead comic book upon which the show is based. Last week, it was widely announced that Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, had taken a key role in Bong Joon Ho's latest thriller. Problem, both The Walking Dead Season 7 and Okja are shooting roughly around the same time. So, does this confirm that Glenn is Negan's victim? Many truly believe it does.

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Now, on the heels of this PR comes an official casting announcement for Showtime's Twin Peaks revival. And who is listed? None other than Josh McDermitt! He plays Eugene Porter on the fan-favorite AMC series. And this may provide a substantial clue as to the actor's forthcoming demise. Or maybe it doesn't. Actors in the main cast of The Walking Dead, such as McDermitt, are not allowed to have recurring roles on other shows. Which would immediately have one gasping. For this surely indicates Eugene might not be around much longer.

But not so fast! The Walking Dead cast is allowed to take on guest starring roles, cameos and bit performances during their Walking Dead off time. And there is no indication yet of how big or small a role McDermitt actually plays on Twin Peaks. The cast list has over 200 actors on it. And it's very possible that Josh only came in for a few days work. Also important to note, Twin Peaks has officially wrapped shooting. The Walking Dead Season 7 hasn't started shooting yet. Making it entirely possible for the actor to appear in both project.

Eugene is still alive in the Comic Books, but The Walking Dead TV show is not above throwing a major curveball to keep audiences on their toes. Though, many speculate that Eugene is a little too important to the show's evolution in Season 7. And many doubt he's on Negan's chopping block. Porter currently serves as Head of Herd-Duty and is also head of ammunitions production serving under Rick's management. It sounds more and more likely that Glenn is a goner. But when it comes to Eugene, we're not so sure his days a numbered quite yet. Yes, Josh McDermitt is confirmed to be a part of the new Twin Peaks revival crew. Let's just pray that he's a day player and not done with the walkers yet!