The Walking Dead Season 6 finale left audiences stunned and angry. Soon after it aired, revealing the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers, many fans stomped their feet, demanding to know who Negan killed right that instant. For months it had been promised that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be introduced as this fan-favorite character from the comic books. Along with his arrival would come a stinging death blow for one of the Alexandria survivors. That happened, but the identity of Negan's victim is being kept a secret until The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere. While he won't offer a hint as to who it is, director of the cliffhanger episode Last Day on Earth, Greg Nicotero is teasing what this death looks like from Negan's point of view.

After a rousing game of Eenie Meenie, Negan chose a member of Rick's extended family to bash in the head with his trusty baseball bat Lucille. The death was only seen from the POV of this poor soul receiving the deadly blow. Now on his Instagram page, Greg Nicotero is showing off part of the head exploding VFX that will be incorporated in the opening moments of The Walking Dead Season 7. No sooner will we know the name of the victim than his head will be split open in grand fashion. Explains the VFX maestro and executive producer about the quick video.

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"Crazy exploding head test using compressed air and water instead of fake blood."

Don't try to gleam any clues from the head being used. That is not anyone who is part of the main cast. Showrunner and executive producer Scott M. Gimple has teased that the opening moments of The Walking Dead Season 7 will be particularly gruesome as the show picks right back up where it left off. And yes, we will see Negan's brute force in plain sight of the camera.

"(We will) be pushing some boundaries [in terms of blood and gore]. Things are going to start off very, very, very dark. But that won't be the whole season. It's not going to be darkness upon darkness upon darkness. The world is going to open up even more. We're going to have a wide variety of locales and a wide variety of tone. I'm very excited for all the different stories that are going to be told, and there are going to be a lot of different stories told... There's probably going to be the biggest variety of stories we've had yet."

The VFX seen in the video are just part of a test that Greg Nicotero and his team are running for The Walking Dead Season 7. It surely will be accompanied by a mixture of elements. But the exploding head stays in tune with how Negan kills his victim in the The Walking Dead comic books, which is revealed to be Glenn. There are several fan-made videos on the Internet positioning that Glenn is the victim in the show, too, but that won't be proven true until new episodes are six months from now in the fall. What do you think? Will this be gruesome enough for you.

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