AMC's The Walking Dead is arguably one of the biggest shows on TV, but as we get closer to the end of Season 6, there are several questions about this zombie-filled world at large that have remained unanswered. One of these unanswered questions is just how many living, breathing humans are left alive in the series, which has always been set on the U.S.' East Coast, from Atlanta to their current Virginia home of Alexandria. Youtuber SourceFedNerd has taken it upon himself to do some research and come up with an estimated number of just how many humans are still alive.

So, just how many people alive on The Walking Dead? According to this video, 382,885 people are still alive in the world these survivors inhabit. Interestingly enough, the video also offers some compelling information about the show's timeline, claiming that the zombie outbreak began in January 2012, which is interesting since the show debuted in 2012, and most fans assumed it was set in modern day. It has been estimated that 614 days have passed in the first six seasons, which puts The Walking Dead Season 6 in December 2013.

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In 2011, the Population Reference Bureau stated that there were 6.9 billion people alive on Earth in that year, and it was revealed in an early issue of the comics that humans are outnumbered by zombies by a ration of 5,000 to 1, which means that when the show started, there were roughly 1.3 million people alive on the planet when the virus goes global, or 0.0002% of the entire global population. Since the show began, we have either seen or heard about 347 human characters on the show, and have seen 252 deaths, which means 72.6% of the show's characters have died. When taking that percentage into effect, they came up with the 382,885 figure for the amount of people currently among the living in the TV series.

Of course, this figure isn't official by any means, especially since comic book creator Robert Kirkman has refused to discuss specifics like the current global population in this world, or how the zombie virus truly began and spread worldwide. Of course, this doesn't take into consideration any new babies who were born during the course of the show, but we know there has been at least one baby born, Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) daughter Judith. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is also pregnant with Glenn's (Steven Yeun) daughter, but it's virtually impossible to determine how many babies have been born in other parts of the world.

As we get towards the end of this current season, it isn't known how many other characters will be killed, but it's possible that fans may have to say goodbye to Glenn. In the comic books, the villainous Negan was introduced in the 100th issue, where he takes Rick's group by surprise before picking a random person to kill, Glenn. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing Negan, who will first be seen in the season finale, before becoming a series regular next season. Take a look at this video below, and stay tuned for more on The Walking Dead.