Do you sometimes feel like The Walking Dead takes itself too seriously? Do you wish the hit AMC horror series had more laughs? Well, then there is a movie made just for you! The Walking Deceased takes on Rick and his gang of survivors to offer a parody of his hardships in a world gone mad! After the poster debuted earlier this week, we now have the full trailer.

The Walking Deceased is a delightfully bloody addition to the pantheon of zombie-apocalypse comedies (are there many?), lampooning every tried and true zombie meme. Join the Sheriff (Dave Sheridan) with his son, and a motley crew of survivors as they weather confrontations with zombies, meet up and then leave their tattered camp, a partially destroyed shopping mall. The group journeys to the supposed Safe Haven Rand seeking shelter from the owners, a fascinating and diabolical older couple.

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Along for the ride with the still-human survivors is a lone zombie who begins to see and develop his human side when he hooks up with the brash female leader. The unexpected twists and turns will delight those who enjoy over-the-top blood spattering, while horror movie buffs will appreciate the George Romeroesque touches. This is one movie you don't want to find yourself with alone in the woods! In theaters and available on VOD this March