The Good

Bo Svenson is quite good in the role of Buford Pusser. The stories in this series are just as relevant now as they were when this show aired in 1981.

The Bad

No special features of any kind.

Walking Tall: The Entire Series is one of those shows that if I hadn't seen, I probably wouldn't have missed it, yet I am sure glad to have been given the opportunity to review it. I guess it doesn't bode well that this show about a sheriff trying to keep order in his small town of McNeal County, Tennessee is a completely series that only lasted seven episodes.

Whether he is trying to keep the local residents on the right side of the law, or single-handedly raise a family, Bo Sevenson brings just the right tone to this show's lead of Buford Pusser. This show was probably canceled because it was a little too 1970s for the early 1980s, but at the end of the day, I found it to be solid TV viewing.


No extras came with this DVD release.


Full Screen - 1.33:1. More points for Sony on their compression methods. This show far surpasses the look of similar shows from this time period that play on TV today. All of the colors and images are so sharp and so well highlighted, that I was positively beside myself with the clarity of these DVDs. On just a viewing level, everything really seems to be in order here as far as this two disc set's visual presentation.


Sadly, it doesn't say what kind of sound has been employed on these discs. I do know that the language is English and that the audio is close captioned. While some of the writing and the acting of the supporting cast might not be that great, I didn't find that there were any problems with the audio. The sound was loud enough (I didn't even need to turn up my TV that much) and on top of that I didn't hear any pops or notice any audio glitches.


An updated Photoshopped image of Bo Svenson holding a baseball bat and wearing a gun graces this orange tinted front cover. The back shows another big picture of Svenson and some shots from the series that accurately show this film's age. There is a solid description of the discs contents and a technical specs listing. Both discs are housed in a regular amaray case. Nothing too flashy, but what can you expect from a show that only ran 7 episodes.

Final Word

I loved the underlying "man against the world" tone that this show had inflected throughout it. Buford is a good man just trying to get along in a tough world. The people of the town respect him but you always knew that someone was going to come along who thought he was just a "hick" sheriff collecting a paycheck. Svenson brings such a good natured quality to this character, that it only seems fitting that he would teach those unfortunate folks a lesson on manners.

Not the greatest show I have ever seen, I found Walking Tall: The Entire Series to be highly enjoyable.

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