Wild Hogs was a big hit with the geriatric set. My parents saw it, your parents saw it. Everybody's parents saw it. So it should come as little surprise that the man behind the middle-aged comedy, Walt Becker, has just inked a great deal with Disney. According to Variety, Becker's first project under the new deal will be My Samurai.

The film will revolve around a businessman who inadvertently saves the life of a homeless local while on a trip in Japan. It turns out that this vagrant is from a long lost line of samurais. He turns up on the businessman's doorstepin the U.S., pledging a life of servitude and loyalty.

Becker stated, "It's funny with a lot of heart." He is also currently working on a sequel to Wild Hogs, and will next direct Robin Williams and John Travolta in the Disney comedy Old Dogs.

My Samurai wont go before the cameras until next year.