The Wild: A reader over at Ain't It Cool News recently attended the Walt Disney feature Animation Presentation in Rotterdam in which many details were revealed about the studio's upcoming animated projects. One of these projects was a newly announced film called The are the details:

Next up was something special. And by 'special' I mean I really haven't read or heard anything about this project. It's a computer-animated feature called THE WILD and it's due for release in the early summer of 2005. For this film, the mouse-factory has teamed up with San Francisco-based Complete Pandemonium and some Canadian company called Core Technologies. Disney-lady wasn't shy to mention that, while the Walt Disney company laments Pixar's departure, the Eisner-conglomerate is looking for new - and, yes, even better - producing partners. Complete Pandemonium appears to be one of them. RELATED: Is Howard the Duck Getting a Disney+ Animated Series After Being Canceled at Hulu?

THE WILD is being directed by Steve 'Spaz' Williams, who some of you might know from those damn funny Blockbuster-hamster commercials. You don't? Well, then you better surf over to this site and watch them. Like, now! Williams also worked on that SPAWN-movie, but I guess everybody makes mistakes.

Now, while Disney-lady raved about Williams and talked about THE WILD's storyline, I asked myself: why the hell do Walt Disney and DreamWorks Animation feel the need to constantly xerox each other's ideas? I don't really care who comes up with an idea first, but PLEASE PEOPLE, a little originality won't friggin' kill you! First, there was AntZ followed by A Bug's Life (or was it the other way around?), then there was Finding Nemo, which will be followed shortly by DreamWorks' Shark Tale. Now, hold on to your butts, because while DreamWorks is working on the animated comedy MADAGASCAR, Michael Eisner and his team of creative geniuses have once again jumped into their botomless well of originality to bring us THE WILD - which is MADAGASCAR, only different.

According to Disney-lady, THE WILD follows the adventures of Ryan (at least, I think his name was Ryan) - a teenage Lion living in the New York Zoo. The ideas Pandemonium has for this zoo are actually pretty cool. When all the visitors and staff have left, the zoo kinda becomes a Michael Sowa-esque fantasy world, where Giraffes and Elephants play turtle-curling (yes, it's pretty funny) and young creatures run amok. After chasing some harmless animals, Ryan accidentally gets trapped inside a crate and is shipped to Madag- I mean, just plain Africa. A group of zoo-heroes team up to save young Ryan. The team consists of an older lion (I believe his name was Samson), a female giraffe named Bridgette, an Anaconda with a brain the size of a pea, a little squirrel who has a huge crush on Bridgette (hilarity ensues) and a Koala who hates being called 'cute'."

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