Ever since Osama Bin Laden was shot and killed on May 1st, many have wondered which studio will jump on a movie chronicling Seal Team Six, the covert team of Navy Seals behind the mission.

Kathryn Bigelow is set to include the kill in her upcoming untitled movie centered on this team of special ops soldiers, and Corey Feldman ends his upcoming musical comedy Operation Belvis Bash with Osama Bin Laden getting shot. But its Walt Disney Pictures that now owns the rights to Seal Team Six.

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That's right. The Walt Disney Company has trademarked Seal Team Six, sending in their application for this new brand just two days after Osama Bin Laden's death was announced, and the team's name was all over the news. The trademark application for Seal Team Six covers clothing, footwear, headwear, toys, games and entertainment and education services. Which means that Walt Disney may be planning a franchise of action films that will revolve around this covert group of Navy Seals.

There is no official word yet on what Walt Disney plans to do with its trademark of Seal Team Six in terms of movies, but we're sure an official announcement is imminent.