The first clip from WandaVision has been released. In the footage, Paul Bettany's Vision ends up getting scared and jumping under his covers. Elizabeth Olsen delivered the clip during her recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, where she also revealed that the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness U.K. production has been halted, due to the public health crisis. Olsen did not reveal when the sequel will get back to filming, but it could be a few weeks before things get up and running again.

The WandaVision clip features a laugh track and classic sitcom music as we see the superhero couple in two separate beds. Wanda Maximoff wakes to the sound of a loud noise, though it doesn't wake up Vision. Wanda ends up turning the lights on and off with her powers to wake Vision, which ends up working, so he looks out the window to investigate. He doesn't see anything and heads back to bed before hearing the same noise Wanda heard and racing under the covers, clearly frightened by what he heard.

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It's unclear what woke up the superhero couple, as the WandaVision clip comes to an end after 48 seconds. Like most of the previous promotional material, the clip leaves us with more questions, while doubling down on the classic sitcom element of the Disney+ series. This is clearly unlike anything Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have ever seen with these characters, and it will be interesting to see how it is received when it premieres next week. The clip also hints that there is a pretty big comedy element to the series.

Jimmy Kimmel touched on a popular fan theory about WandaVision in his interview with Elizabeth Olsen. The fan theory is based on a bottle of wine label from some promotional material which reads, "Maison du Mépris." When translated to English, the label reads "House of Contempt," or "House of Misery," which many Marvel fans assumed was connected to the House of M comic book storyline. Elizabeth Olsen laughed when Kimmel asked about the theory. "Our prop guy, Russell, would be a very clever man if he put that in," she said. "So, no, then. Interesting," Kimmel replied.

Obviously, WandaVision could still be based on the House of M storyline. Elizabeth Olsen has been with the MCU for a few years now and knows how to keep her mouth shut when it comes to accidentally leaking information. All of the MCU stars, for the most part, are experts at keeping secrets under wraps, which leads to a lot of questions and intrigue before any one Marvel Studios' projects comes out. WandaVision is no different in that regard, even though it is through a different medium from what fans are used to seeing. You can watch the entire interview with Elizabeth Olsen below, thanks to the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel. The clip is at the 4:24 mark, or watch it on its own above.