Careful. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Episode 8 of WandaVision yet! This week's episode is majorly about providing answers to questions we have mulled over for so long - why sitcoms? Did Wanda already have powers before being experimented on, where are Billy and Tommy, etc? But the real shocker of the episode is hidden in its mid-credit scene which truly takes our breath away - [SPOILER ALERT] the real Vision being brought to life, but as a different version of himself which sets up a bleak future. While Wanda's storyline may or may not include a hero-turned-villain plot in the future, if Marvel Studios is once again going for twisting the comicbook storylines, especially Vision's, we might already have an Avenger who won't be fighting for what's right anymore. 


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Wanda never stole Vision's body

Suspicions we reserved for SWORD's acting director, Tyler Hayward, are shaping up to be rather concrete as we now know that Wanda never stole Vision's body from the organization's headquarters. What Hayward showed his agents, Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy earlier was tampered footage of the time when Wanda visited SWORD to take Vision's body with her to bury. 

At the time, Hayward tried to egg her own by showing how, instead of putting the body in cold storage, they have been experimenting on Vision in pieces. Even when Wanda implored that Vision is all she has, Hayward refused to give up the body as the vibranium he is made of is worth 3 billion dollars. Wanda even went as far as attempting to break into the lab when she couldn't sense Vision, but ultimately left heartbroken. The Vision she is living with in Westview is just an illusion created from her magic, to be precise chaos magic, while the body of the real Vision has always been with Hayward. 


A "new" White Vision comes to life

Episode 8's mid-credit scene is hands-down, the biggest bombshell revelation that the MCU has ever divulged in its history of mid-credit and post-credit sequences. While we learned that Wanda never stole Vision's body, we see that Hayward has succeeded in reassembling the Avenger.

His original plan, all along, was for Wanda to bring him back to life in the way he wants but as it never happened, he has now taken a different path - using the residual magic in the drone that Wanda dumped at Hayward's feet to charge up Vision. It works and a different version of Vision comes to life. Given that he is a result of Hayward's twisted and rage-filled mind, we now have a white Vision instead the classic maroonish-red we're used to.


What White Vision is like in the comics and what it means for the MCU

For weeks now, we had been wondering what Hayward's secret Project Cataract was and speculating that it is probably a means to get his hands on Wanda's miraculously resurrected Vision. But, it turns out Cataract was just a reference to Vision's body he had and how he was looking for ways to reanimate him as a sentient weapon, in violation of the Avenger's living will. Now, he has finally achieved this goal. 

This new development in WandaVision appears to be directly lifted from John Byrne's "Vision Quest" storyline as the "new" White Vision shares striking similarities with the 1989 appearance of the character in the comics. In the comics Vision was created by Ultron and Hank Pym's programming and humanized by the then-diseased Simon Williams a.k.a. Wonder Man's brainwaves. 


Cameron Brock (who was being manipulated by Immortus a.k.a. Kang the Conqueror) used his massive force to kidnap Vision and dismantle him. While Hank Pym managed to put him back together, Wonder Man refused to let his brain patterns be implemented a second time as the earlier process had literally felt like someone had "ripped out his soul." So, what came back to life was a colorless and emotionless White Vision who didn't retain his prior memories or humanity. 

In the MCU, when Wanda kills Vision in Infinity War or when Thanos reanimates him and kills him again, Vision loses his color the second his essence leaves his synthezoid form. In both the comics and the films, his color is a symbol of his humanity, his love for others, his compassion and kindness- thus, meaning that Vision was never merely an android created in a lab. 

When Wanda said that she "can't feel" him anymore when she touched his dismembered body, it meant his true essence is gone and what is left behind is an empty vibranium husk now being operated with Wanda's currently destructive chaos magic. This "new" Vision has all the intelligence of the former Vision but none of his warmth which is exactly like the infinitely deadly version of the synthezoid that Ultron wanted to create in Age of Ultron.  

In the comics, though White Vision was ultimately restored to his original hued-form and regained his emotions, his new body was taken over by Anti-Vision, his villainous counterpart from an alternate Earth who fought against the Avengers. While that's not how the story is progressing in WandaVision, chances are that the arc of White Vision and Anti-Vision will be merged in the show. So we can expect to see Westview's Vision and Wanda going up against this brand new synthezoid. No matter which one wins, it looks like Wanda will be witnessing Vision's death for the third time. 

White Vision in WandaVision episode 8

Will the original Vision ever return?

We still reserve hope that the original Vision can return as it is widely speculated that Shuri managed to make a copy of his memories while she was trying to remove the Mind Stone from him. If that's indeed the case, maybe somehow we will see Vision regaining his memories and reverting to his earlier form. Hopefully Wanda will then get the happy ending she desperately seeks in WandaVision.