Even though the WandaVision finale never delivered the big cameo that was promised to us, it does continue the trend of the last few episodes and includes a mid-credits scene and a post-credit scene, subtly setting the stage for future MCU Projects, namely the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There are SPOILERS ahead. You've been warned.

This week's episode confirmed that Wanda was alone in creating the fake reality in Westview and all Agatha wanted from her was her powers. But by the end, Wanda realizes the error of her ways and removes her Hex from Westview, restoring everything to how it was before she cast it but loses Vision as well as her kids in the process. Before she can be questioned by S.W.O.R.D. or held responsible for holding an entire town captive, she flies away. But where? The question is answered in the post-credits scene but before that, we have the mid-credits scene to decode. 

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What does the WandaVision finale Mid-Credit scene mean?

Till now, for some reason, the rest of the major MCU players have stayed away from the mess Wanda had made in Westview. But with Episode 9's mid-credits scene, we are back in the thick of things. After Wanda leaves, federal agents arrive in the town to survey and record all that's happened, with Jimmy Woo leading the investigation while Darcy has already left as she detests debriefings. Huh, so much for the sparks of romance MCU fans saw brewing between the two. 

Anyway, just as Monica is chatting with Jimmy, she is called away by a federal agent to the theatre and she leaves with her, thinking that she is being called in for a debriefing. But when she steps inside the theatre, it is empty and the officer that escorted her there turns into a Skrull who claims that she has been sent by an old friend of Maria Rambeau. This "friend" had heard that Monica has been "grounded," which is a reference to SWORD director Tyler Hayward grounding her from any and every outer space missions and binding her to work on terrestrial missions only. 

Last we saw the Skrulls, it was in Spider-man: Far from Home, wherein two of them were impersonating Nick Fury and Maria Hill on Earth while the real Fury was seen aboard an aircraft in outer space. So, for WandaVision to include a surprising Skrull entry, while talking vaguely about a "he" who is waiting to meet Monica, and then that very Skrull pointing upward in answer to Monica's question of where he wants to meet her more or less confirms that it's Nick Fury, who is in space.

Remember that Far from Home took place months after the Blip was reversed and WandaVision is happening merely weeks after it. Fury might already know about Monica getting powers and thus wants her as a part of his mystery space program. Chances are that by the time, the events of Far from Home happened, Monica was already a part of his new team of Avengers and will most probably be seen alongside Fury in Secret Invasion.

What secrets does the post-credits scene hide?

Following the mid-credits scene was WandaVision's first post-credits scene which brought us to a serene location where Wanda is living all by herself in a house. But while she is going through her daily routine, she has astral projected herself (which takes the form of the Scarlet Witch) and is rifling through the pages of the Darkhold. While the appearance of the book does mean that shows like Agents of SHIELD and Runaways weren't canon, the properties of the book may hold true. 

Agatha proclaimed that Wanda is destined to destroy the world and though she refrained from keeping an entire town captive to get her dream life, there is still a possibility that she may end up upending the universe. While her astral self is going through the Darkhold, she hears the sound of her twins screaming for her help which shocks her as she had presumed that they perished the second she took down the Hex. 

Maybe the book is corrupting her mind and tricking her into using its dark spells to find Billy and Tommy. Whatever may be the cause, armed with the Darkhold and the newfound superpowers of the Scarlet Witch, Wanda may end up ripping apart the multiverse in search of her children, which will probably lead straight into Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. Now, whether he will be fighting on her side or against her is left to be seen. All episodes of WandaVision are currently streaming on the official Disney+ app.